How it works


The Process

A transaction with us is as simple as telling us what you need help with in Uganda. For example, delivering money to a loved one, paying a loved one's school fees, paying for a medical bill or any other service. Moyo Connect liaise with our agents in Uganda,and collaboratively ensure that all details and directions you have provided to us are followed and completed in a simple fashion and timely manner. We guarantee an effective and safe service every time you choose Moyo Connect.Your money, Your purpose, Your goal are all in great hands.

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Steps to follow

  1. We work on your instructions you the money sender.

  2. You provide us with details of a job that you want us carry out on your behalf.

  3. You transfer money including our fees into our accounts.

  4. Then a job is picked up by an agent.

  5. Confirmation is sent to you when a job has been picked up and finalised.

  6. Then you’re free to leave a review for the task so that everyone can know what a great job we have done!